Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Nokia N96

8.5 mm
7.1 megapixel camera and 20x optical zoom
symbian 9.5
3? screen - VGA rezolution
Live TV - HDTV
8GB (internal memory)
Bluetooth and more


* 7.2 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens
* Optical zoom x5 and digital zoom x20
* 3.5 inch VGA 16 million color touch screen
* Symbian S70 3rd edition (now that would be something)
* Graphics accelerator
* Bluetooth/WIFI b+g+n/HSDPA


According to Nokia, the N99 comes equipped with 7.2-MP digital camera, 16GB of internal harddrive, 3.2? TFT LCD Screen with 1.6millions color, innovative 9 ways joystick for better browsing experience, WLAN and GPS ready. Besides that, the Nokia N99 also supports DIVx movies and MP3/ACC/WMA music playback.

There isn’t much word about price and when the Nokia N99 will be sold.

Nokia N-Gage V2[

Nokia N-Gage gaming cell phone was definitely a big failure for Nokia. There were too many complaints about the gaming devices. Bad controllers and too limited choice of games are the biggest problems that cause Nokia N-Gage to be a big joke in gaming industry.
However, Nokia doesnt give up the lucrative mobile gaming industry. According to the spokesman of Nokia, Nokia is back with the new redesigned N-Gage V2 gaming cell phone which will be loaded with EA Mobile and G@meloft popular games.
According to Gregg Saute, the spokesman of Nokia, the new N-Gage V2 will be on sales in the first quarter of 2008. He also mentioned that the Nokia N-Gage V2 comes equipped with faster processor and better graphic card for 3D image processing. There isnt any details about the specifications of the processor and graphic card.
However, one thing for sure is the Nokia N-Gage V2 supports WLAN and 3G networks which mean you can download games faster and play multiplayer games with your friends through fast speed WLAN or 3G networks.

The question whether N-Gage V2 will be a success for Nokia still unknown, but the N-Gage V2 gaming cell phone is definitely a gadget that everybody is excited about.

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