Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All about Free Call Planet

Call any of the Free Call Planet domestic telephone numbers to access the world for free 
If you call one of their domestic telephone numbers you have access to Free Call Planets system, which in turn gives you free international calls to over 39 countries. 
Their web site is www.freecallplanet.com and the link opens in a new window. Free Call Planet also has a low cost plan which gives you access to more international destinations without the requirement for a pin number or special equipment such as a VoIP ATA adapter. Free Call Planet seems to have a nice VoIP offer for those who wish to test voice over the Internet. We do not use their service and our lab has not tested this VoIP provider. 
Free telephone calls are routed through a gateway. They have three United States numbers that are gateways. They truly give you free international telephone calls from your cell phone, business phone, or home phone. During peak hours you may experience a busy signal so please try again. But if you want to call internationally from your Cingular, T-Mobile, or other cell phone, or your regular phone - for free - try Free Call Planet. They might use VoIP but this is not a VoIP service in that you do not need a PC, VoIP adapter, or VoIP router. Just call from your phone for free telephone calls.

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