Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jajah Launched Click-To-Call Buttons

Click-to-call is nothing new, certainly. But now you can get it worldwide. For free. Well, to the person that clicks on the button, anyway.

Jajah has launched their new click-to-call buttons. It's very similar to many other similar services. Person clicks on a button on your site, enters their phone number into a web form, and you're connected. As the button owner, you're charged normal Jajah rates for the call, which if the person is a Jajah member, can be free!

You can put time-of-day restrictions on the button, as well as per-minute cost restrictions, which I've done here.Unfortunately, those restrictions do not give you the ability to "leave a message" outside the normal hours. Bummer. Team it up with GrandCentral and you've got way more control over who can call you and when. They can leave you a message anytime.

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