Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Skype Partners with 3 to offer Mobile VoIP

The VoIP unit of EBay-Skype, and 3-a mobile provider owned by Hutchison Whampoa based in Hong Kong have joined forces together to offer a Skype phone in the U.K that will enable free calls to be made without the need to use a computer, buy special software or head sets and even to set up new accounts.

The joint effort of these two mobile service providers would ensure that a fully integrated mobile phone that would make free mobile to mobile phone calls for anyone swapping networks available is offered.

With this move, the two companies are heading towards sweeping customers away from other competitors and this might eventually force these competitors to reduce their charges. And for the debutants like Apple's iphone and Google's Gphone, it might serve as a big threat to their entrance into the business.

Going by the cooperation between Skype and 3, and along side with many promises, the VoIP industry might on the verge to witness a total turn-around.

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