Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Talkster offers unlimited free calls

Unlimited Free Calls ar hard to find these days. With companies bringing in more restrictions over free calls policy by limiting number of minutes or asking for a fixed $$ price to use free calls, the catch is never ending. However it seems Talkster is ready to break the market with their innovative (rebtel like) service.

Why I said Rebtel like service? coz talkster does the same thing but prolly more effectively than Rebtel. If you have been using Rebtel, then you know how they work. if not, follow me in this post and you would get the idea.

Apparently, at the CTIA WIRELESS IT & Entertainment 2007 cell phone convention (23-25th Oct 2007), Talkster is launching Ad-based Unlimited Free Call services. We could only gather few details about how its gonna work.

Visit the Talkster website from a PC or cell phone browser and enter your number and frien'ds number you'd like to call. Click to get connected. At this stage, Talkster will play a ten second commercial before you can talk all you want for free. Pretty good isnt it? I don't mind listening to a audio commercial and be able to talk for unlimited time. Sounds like a Good deal. Lets hope it turns out to be a good one unlike what we usually dream about and end up being a false promise.

Leaving that aside, Talkster is currently offering free calls service via 3 mediums. Talkster site describe the procedure in detail, however to tell you quickly,

1) You need to enter your and your friends number and dial.

2) Talkster will give you and your friend each a local Talkster number that you can use whenever you want to call each other.

3) Call the Talkster number for your friend. When your friend answers, tell them to hang up and call the local Talkster number in the SMS they were sent. You hang on - don't hang up! When your friend dials back using their Talkster number, you will be connected and can begin talking for FREE!

This is purely from PC. You can however use Talkster via Mobile and SMS as well. The details are neatly described on Talkster HowItworks page

Unfortunately, Talkster currently supports very limited countries, roughly about 30 odd countries. 

Talkster seems to directly compete with Rebtel in the so called "IamonlineCallmeback" kinda VOIP services. It would be interesting to see if Talkster manages to get rid of this and straightway offer a direct dial VOIP service without the need for callback. It seems talkster is trying to offset the cost via audio advertisements and maybe thinking of making a few cents per call.

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