Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ring-to-Number - Protect Your Identity

This service is basically designed to protect your identity (your actual phone number) on social networking pages, like Hi5, Orkut , Facebook etc.

Exactly how does the service work?When you sign up for a Ring-To number, we give you a way to let people call you directly without giving your actual phone number! Here’s what happens:

1) You put the Ring-To widget on your homepage, social networking page, or any other web page.

2) The Ring-To widget displays an anonymous phone number with your own personal shortcode.

3) Callers dial the anonymous phone number and shortcode, and the call rings on the phone of your choice 

You can answer these phone calls on any phone in the continental U.S. and Canada, and your actual phone number is never revealed to the caller!

If you choose a non-local number, the service is free. A direct, local telephone number will set you back a mere $4.99 a month. A small price to pay for peace of mind. Complete details can be found here.

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