Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Make Free Calls to USA and Canada From Earthcaller

EarthCaller is a free Voip service that is used straight through your browser (only works in IE right now). All you have to do is install the ActiveX control.

Right now it offers free calls (only in the US though). They plan to add international calls in the future for a low rate, but I'm sure it will be the same as all of the other Voip services.

The service is in beta right now and there is no way to store contacts or anything, but they plan to add both a contact list and directory assistance which will be really nice. They also say they are planing to add the ability to receive inbound calls, call blasting, Voicemail, and Home Phone service. Personally, I imagine they will charge money for all of these because I haven't been able to find any Voip services that offer all of these for free.

To make free calls all you need to do is to type in a US number without the +1 dial code off course, and then call the number.As for call quality, it has been really good. Everyone I have talked to said it was pretty good and I could hear them clearly. I'm just using a cheap microphone too, so its not like I'm using a nice headset or anything.

Overall, I would really recommend this service because it can be used straight from the browser. I really liked that because it is just extremely convenient. Once it leaves beta, they still plan to offer free domestic calls so that is definitely good. I'm really looking forward to them adding the new features and hopefully you guys will find this review helpful and give it a try, maybe you will like it as much as I do!

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