Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jaxtr The Ultimate Free Voip Calling Website Worldwide !

Link your phones with Jaxtr

Using Jaxtr is easy and it allows you to link your phone to another phone, even internationally. Jaxtr works with any landline or mobile phone and signup is free

Privacy is maintained through your Jaxtr console after you log in. Allow calls from anyone, only your friends or verified people, or accept no calls at all. Security looks to be good with this product

Your phone number stays private with Jaxter which is an important feature if you put a widget or 'call-me' button on your website, MySpace page, Facebook or other social networking environment.



axtr even works with your Craig's List and eBay accounts, providing instant free telephone calls from potential buyers.
We created a Jaxtr account, recorded our VoiceBlast, made the widget you see below, and published it - all in 5 minutes. No problems, no confusion, and no errors. We had our first telephone call - all free - in the first few minutes
Your Jaxtr account comes with unlimited voice messages and unlimited calls to other jaxtr users worldwide. Of course there is no reason not to sign up, considering the features and benefits of this offering.
Jaxtr works with OrKut, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, LinkedIn, Blogger, Live Journal, Xanga, Flicker, Craigs List, eBay, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Friendster, My Yearbook, Piczo, Soflow, Tagged, Tag World, Viadeo, Xing, and Yahoo 360
For webmasters it also works with any standard web site, in any php, HTML, or XML format. Jaxtr also works in email signatures.
You can select from a full widget (like the one above) or a smaller widget. If you would rather have a text link or a 'call-me' button for your web site or web page you can have that too.

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