Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yeigo VOIP releases 2.1 and Yeigo Lite version

Yeigo VOIP releases 2.1 and Yeigo Lite version

Yeigo, a silent killer in Mobile VOIP arena is all set to take on their closest rivals Fring and Truphone will their latest version 2.1. Along with the new release of Yeigo, they also released another interesting application called Yeigo Lite.

Yeigo Lite is compatible with all handset which can support Java (J2ME) handsets. This should cover most of the older handset still largely used in the market. I think Yeigo scores over Fring and Truphone with backward compatibility. Wondering when Fring would launch their lite version :-)

Although Yeigo Lite is not FREE to call other Yeigo Lite members. It provides cheaper rates for calls and SMS. You can chat with Yahoo/MSN/ICQ contacts on the move. Of course, the big brother of Yeigo Lite, the original Yeigo 2.1 is totally free for calls to other Yeigo members.

Yeigo and Yeigo lite both can be connected via Wifi/3G/HSDPA/GPRS. In some countries, GPRS is extremely cheap like India. It costs less than $2.50 per month for unlimited GPRS connection. This facility can be leveraged to use mobile voip and save tremendous cost for making overseas or local calls.

The mobile voip market is heating up with new providers and new versions each month. All i can say is there won't be one winner and everyone will get their share of customers. However consumers would see some great offers and benefits from these new mobile voip services in near future.

Sooner or later mobile voip will go ahead of residential voip. Don't be surprised to see Yiego or Fring or Truphone selling for millions of $$$ in next 1-2 years.

Before I wind up, Do download Yeigo 2.1 and if you have a older handset, why not try Yeigo Yeigo Lite.

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