Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free DID / Incoming Geographical Numbers From Around The World

There are a number of companies offering DID or imcoming numbers (VoIP-In) for a flat yearly rate or a monthly fee. There are now literally hundreds of free VOIP softphones or VOIP providers giving away free calls offers. Some of them give PC to PC (pretty standard) and some offer (Pc to Phone). Today, I will list down some services which offer a FREE incoming Phone number for you, of course its available in some countries, but can be used from anywhere. For e.g if you get a free US incoming number, people can call you on that number even if you are in India.

3.1 www.ipkall.com - Free Washingtion (206) area code number. Number expires after 3 months if not used

3.2 www.globe7.com - Free US phone number

3.3 www.enum2go.com - Free eNum number

3.4 www.freenumber.nl - Free Dutch number

3.5 www.esms.com - Free UK numbers

3.6 www.messagenet.com - Free Italian numbers from Rome, Milan and Turin

3.7 www.stanaphone.com - Free US number (New York)

3.8 www.skypho.com - Free Italian number, but you have to use their service

3.9 www.sipnumber.com - Free US phone number

3.10 www.voipuser.org - Free UK number

3.11 www.calluk.com - Free UK number - forward to your FWD number

3.12 www.voicestick.com - Free US or UK incoming number - only to be used with their service

3.13 www.sipgate.com - Free UK number, but you have to live in the UK and use the Sipgate service

3.14 www.sipgate.de - Free German VoIP-In number, however you have to reside in the same area code (German Law)

3.15 www.privatephone.com - Free US phone number and voicemail

3.16 www.talkdigits.com - Free US phone number

3.17 www.clickdigits.com - Free US phone number

3.18 www.orbtalk.co.uk - Free UK telephone numbers

3.19 www.open-telecom.co.uk - Free UK phone numbers

3.20 www.woize.com - Free UK number after you have added a small amount to your call account

3.21 www.aimphoneline.com - Free US phone number

3.22 www.craigsnumber.com - Free temporary telephone number for 1day, 1 week or 1 month - a very nice idea !

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